Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Is My Child Delayed?

Many times I get questions from parents wanting to know “At what age should my child be doing…?”  Here is an attempt to answer those questions for you.  Hearing and Communication milestones are taken and adapted from the ASHA (American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association) website.  If when answering the questions below you find that your child has not mastered several skills at his/her age level, follow up with a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist to determine if further screening or evaluation is necessary.

Hearing and Communication Milestones

Articulation (sound) milestones:

This is a GREAT graphic to for parents and teachers to use when identifying typical articulation development! (Below graphic based on Goldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation-2nd Edition norms (2000), copied from Mommy Speech Therapy blog (
Please keep in mind that several factors collectively determine an articulation deficit including (but not limited to) typical sound development, type and frequency of sound substitutions and omissions, effect on intelligibility, and effect on the child.  Therefore, the below graphic should be used with caution and solely as a guide for parents and educators.  If you still feel there may be an articulation deficit, don’t hesitate to refer the child to a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist for further screening and evaluation if necessary.

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