Saturday, July 21, 2012

Vaccinations and Autism: What Every Parent Should Know to Make an Informed Decision

Whether or not vaccinations cause autism is a very heated and controversial debate today.  There are strong proponents on both sides of the argument.  In an attempt to provide parents with the most recent research I have created the power point presentation below.  The goal of this blog is not to take a stand on either side of this debate but rather to provide an educational resource so as parents can exercise their right to make an informed decision regarding the immunization of their child.
I do not pretend to be an expert in this area and have not read every article that has ever been published on immunizations and their side-effects.  However, I have read several journal and magazien articles over the past decade regarding this subject and have attempted to include the most recent recearch below.
If you know of additional research data that was not incorporated and you feel it would be helpful and relevant to share feel free add that information in the comment section below.  Together we can become more educated in this area. 

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