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SRN Linky party: Games I like!

Speech Room News hosted a linky party last Friday.  The topic:  Games I like!

So I thought I'd share some of my favorite games I like to use in speech therapy.

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Here we go!

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1.  Guesstures:  who doesn't love this game?  A fun charades game where my students read the word and act it out for fellow peers to guess.  I love this game b/c I wan't to see if my students have effective gestural language.  We are also focused on language but many of our language delayed kiddos struggle with nonverbal language as well so I like this game for that.  Also gives me insight into problem solving and reasoning skills when the students are guessing.

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2.  Taboo:  is another one of my favorites for language delayed kiddos, social skills, articulation, fluency (timed game).  However, b/c so many of my language delayed kids struggle with describing objects, I will allow them to use the "forbidden" words on the cards as their starting off point.  As students begin to get better at describing objects they will no longer have to use these words.  If I want to see if a student can describe objects using the most salient descriptors, I just omit the game cards....write the objects down on sheets of paper and still use the timer and buzzer (we love to buzz our friends when they get it wrong...all in good fun though!)

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3.  Mad Gad:  is SO MUCH FUN and great for older kids as well.  Perfect if working on encoding, auditory processing (what word/phrase does it sound like?) or just as a reinforcement game for various goals!!!

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4.  Uno Moo:  So much fun for the younger kiddos...perfect to work on color ID, animal ID, animal/sound match up, same, vs. different, problem solving and reasoning...and how fun is it to push our neighbors animal into the barn?  So much fun!!!!

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5.  Hungry Hungry Hippos:  Who doesn't LOVE Hungry Hungry Hippos???? So much fun!  I like to make my kiddos do as many repetitions or stimulus cards as the number of balls the winning hippo ate.  Keeps it fun  and exciting!  Be warned: this game is super loud when 4 kids are playing it...but then again...who really cares b/c it so much FUN!!! :)

Oh I have so many more games I love and actually have some game reviews written and ready to go.  They will be coming out in about a month or so for the beginning of the school year so you can decide which games you'd love to have in your therapy room.  In the meantime, these are the 5 I picked (and that was such a difficulty choice!) I hope you have been following this linky b/c it's been super fun to see what other SLPs use in there therapy rooms!

If you had to pick 5 favorites for speech therapy...what would they be???? Comment below!!!!

Enjoy and happy talking and playing!!!

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