Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Little Saint's PK: Alphabet Fun!

Alphabet Fun was the my son's home PK theme the past two weeks (with Labor day in there and taking a long weekend away this past weekend, it took us two weeks to do all the fun activities that went with our theme).

Here is a picture of some of the fun books we read about letters!  My son is HUGE fan of the Alphabet Adventure/Mystery/Rescue books by Audrey and Bruce Wood (I purchased these via Scholastic books last year but you can get them on amazon as well if you are interested).  I TOO love them! These books are great b/c they target the lower case alphabet (which I LOVE as most of the letters we write/type are actually lower case) in a fun adventurous story line for children.  So if you are looking for some new alphabet books, I recommend checking these out!

In our book bin this week we has some older books as well.  All were super fun to read and re-read!

One thing I like to do with my son is read each book first, then re-read it and we discuss what sound each letter makes and think of words or find pictures of in each book that begin with that sound.  Finally, we spent some time tracing the capital and lower case letters in the book "Eating the Alphabet" by Lois Ehlert.  Isn't that little chubby hand so cute?!  I love my son's little fingers!!!

We of course read our daily scripture (for those of you who missed my first installment of this PK program you can read all about it here) and discussed the lesson emphasis each day.  The emphasis was basically that we speak in words and words are made up of letters.  Some other fun activities we did were: 

Name letter sequencing:

As you can see I wrote each letter of my son's name on a fish card and he used his name tag to put the letters in the correct sequence.  He was a proud by when he was finished! :)

Chicka Chicka Boom, Boom! and art project:

The letters are climbing up the coconut tree!  We talked about each letter and the sound it made as he stuck each sticker on the "tree"!

My son tried very hard to cut out the coconuts along the circular line!  Great practice for fine motor skills!

We added our palm tree leaves and voila'...our coconut tree is complete!

Alphabet Soup:  

We made some alphabet soup simply by scooping up each letter and matching it to the correct letter in the bowl.

B/c we are incorporating religion at home, we made alphabet soup for the family and God, Mary, and Jesus.  

Add some veggies and a spoon and we've got ourselves some alphabet soup! Almost good enough to eat!

By the way, after we were done with our alphabet soup we spent some time playing rhyming games with these names.  Remember the name game song?  Well that's what we did!  "Mommy, mommy, bo, bommy, banana, fanana, fo, fommy, fe, fi, fo, fommy, Mommy!"  Great for early literacy skills!

Our Names in HIS book:

We talked about how God made each of us special and that our names are written in His book in heaven just waiting for use to come home.  I used some pipe cleaners to make each letter and my son had to match them up to his name!

Initial's fun: 

My son used glue and scrap paper to make his initials!  We had to discuss what initials actually were and how his looks different from mommy's and daddy's initials b/c our names are different.

Magnet letters and tracing:

This was a cool activity I saw somewhere before...maybe on Pinterest.  I can't exactly recall but it was NOT my original idea.  My son used some magnetic letters and a highlighter to spell out and trace our names! (p.s. the F letter was one of the extra letters he had to choose from a mix to spell his name.  He of course did not choose any letters that did no belong in his name but I didn't move it before I took this pic...oops!)

Sidebar:  Boy activity:

My boys worked hard repainting my son's train table first with magnetic pain, then with dry erase board paint so we can NOW draw, write, and stick magnets to the bottom of his train table.  Oh what fun we will be having in the future!  Well done boys!  the table looks great!!!

So that was our last two weeks in a nutshell.  You can see how language as well as phonemic and phonetic awareness was incorporated into almost every activity this week!  All of these activities are easily adapted for your own home practice or for speech therapy.  Next week I'll share with you the fun activities we are doing this week as we learn about our 5 senses!

Happy talking and learning!
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