Friday, September 20, 2013

FREEBIE Friday: Recalling Sentences with increasing length!

I made this quick worksheet for one of my clients who has demonstrated some auditory recall and working memory issues in the past.  After I read each sentence to my client with his eyes closed (he depends on visual input so much he gets distracted sometimes), I had my client visualize each scene.  As each sentence expanded with information, I would ask my client to add those salient pieces of information to his visualization.  Finally I would have him attempt to repeat the sentences after 1 repetition.

That is just one way to use the from.  You can use this worksheet in many different ways and for students you suspect have ADP, auditory memory/recall difficulties, or for students who struggle to listen for key words.

Happy talking!!!!

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  1. Thanks! looking forward to using this with a kiddo quite soon!


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