Friday, May 24, 2013

FREEBIE Friday: Goals and Objectives for Nonverbal PK children!

This freebie goes along with my Tip Tuesday post this week (Part 3 of this series) on how to create a treatment plan for nonverbal PK children with typical hearing and vision.
Below I created a quick guide on how I write goals and objectives using the child's functional communication system.  I have a list of several skills I attempt to teach with regard to social skills (including play) as well as receptive and expressive language skills.  

This is by NO MEANS a comprehensive list, just a glimpse of some of the more common goals I write for the child while they are using their functional communication system (whatever that may be).  This information is meant as guide only!

When writing goals I use this equation:
Skill + Setting + Context + Cuing/Assistance + Measurement+ Data Collection + Duration = Measurable Goal

Grab a clear copy of this download here!

So a few completed examples of a short term objective I would write would be (using the format above):

Johnny will use total communication (i.e. picture exchange system, gestures, vocalizations, sign language, etc.) when responding to peers' greetings in the classroom setting with minimal or no cues (0-25% OTT) 1 time during arrival and departure of the school day as recorded by teacher data collection/report for 3 consecutive data collection days.


Johnny will demonstrate an increase in receptive vocabulary by pointing/reaching/choosing the correct object/photograph/picture of objects and/or actions in response to directions given by the SLP in a one-on-one or small group therapy setting during structured therapy tasks with moderate cues (~25-50% OTT) with 80% accuracy across 3 consecutive data collection days.

So that's how I do it?  How about you?  What is your process or goal writing lingo?  Feel free to share below!

Enjoy and Happy Talking!


  1. I would love to see the full powerpoint. How can you do this?

    1. I added the link above in this post to answer your ?. Sorry I forgot to do that until you asked. But if you want to just copy and paste the direct link to the PPT on how I create a treatment plan it is: Thanks for asking the ? b/c it made me add the link to this page. Also you will find links to parts 1-4 of this series in that part 3 of the series link above, if you wanted to read all of them. Or you could just click on the various series parts that are highlighted at the bottom of this blog before the comments section where it says "You might also like:". Thanks. I hope this helps!

  2. This is great information. Thank you for sharing. Can you provide an example (or two) of annual goals?

    1. I would simply just write the same goal with the least amount of assistance and the highest accuracy level I felt I could get the child to perforn the skill within a year's timeframe. So if I write a short term objective for initiating greetings and the child doesn't do it at this time I would write my first short term goal to be "(Child name) will use picture symbols to initiate greetings with the SLP/teacher/peers within the classroom setting upon entering or exiting the school room with maximum assistance, using verbal and tactile cues, 1 time a day across three consecutive days per SLP data collection and teacher report."

      My annual goal: "(Child name) will use pictures symbols or vocalizations to initiate greetings with the SLP/teacher/peers within the classroom setting upon entering and exiting the school room independently 2xs a day, for three consecutive days per SLP data and teacher report."

      I would want my student to be initiating greetings independently and verbally by the end of the year but I take into account that the child may require the use of an alternate communication modality due to some undiagnosed reason at this time. So I just try to think what is reasonable to expect my student to be able to do within a year's time span. When I write goals, I like to write my short term goals in increments of improvement and my long term goal then becomes clear. I hope that helps! Thanks for your comment!


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