Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Heart Therapy L Game!

Here is the last articulation packet I have made for the Valentine's fun we will be having in a few weeks!  

This packet contains 6 pages of L cards (initial, medial, and final word position) and 1 page of heart game cards.

Check out some of the pages of this packet below.

Want your copy?  Grab it at the bottom of this blog.

Grab your FREEBIE below:

Enjoy and happy talking!!!!


  1. I used your /th/ activity this morning. Kids enjoyed the novelity because I am typically a "drill and kill" with artic so they thought I was "having game day". Thanks for sharing.

    1. Ha! Whatever works right? Glad you could use them and thanks so much for your feedback! It really helps me know what types of activities I should share if the future.

  2. We have been loving your Valentine's artic games! Thanks so much for sharing your freebies with us!! :)

    1. Thanks for your feedback! I never really know what people are looking if I make you, you get it. That's how it works here at C-Station! :) Hey I found your blog b/c of your comments...your writing style is SO if I'm sitting there talking to you! I LOVE books like that. Please write one! :) (Ha easier said than done I suppose.) Just curious...why no posts since July? Looking forward to reading more from you!


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