Friday, March 22, 2013

FREEBIE Friday: Artic Hidden Objects Easter Egg Hunt!

I made this simple activity to practice some articulation sounds in a fun way using the "idea" of going on a Easter egg hunt.

This packet has practice sheets for:
initial and final /K, G, S/ as well as /S, L, R/ blends.

What do you do?  Cut and laminate the eggs and place on top of the hidden objects.  As your students "find" the objects they will produce the object labels in words, phrases or sentences (which ever complexity you are working on).  You can also have one student "find" an object and describe (using attributes) to another student in order to connect articulation and language tasks.

Want to send these sheets home for homework?  Well you don't even need to use your color printer.  Just email the link to your student's parents and voila'...already made homework practice.

You've seen these eggs before you say?  That's right!  I made the puzzle match up last week using the same clip art from Clips by Jenn.  Check out what else she has at this link.

Grab your FREE copy of this packet here!

Enjoy and happy talking!!!


  1. This is such a cute activity! I love it! AND thank you for using my clip art again :)

    1. Thanks Jenn! I LOVE your clip art as you can tell!!! I'm so appreciative of you sharing it will us all!


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