Friday, April 19, 2013

FREEBIE Friday: GIVEAWAY and Sensory Tips for Children with SPD!

This month we are talking all about Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Many children on the Autism spectrum will exhibit sensory processing issues also known as sensory processing disorder (SPD).  Today I have a wonderful educational FREEBIE using information from Angie Voss' fabulous, newly updated book, Understanding Your Child’s Sensory Signals: Keep it real.  Keep it sensory.  Keep it simple.

This freebie contains just a few challenging behaviors a child with SPD may exhibit, explanations of why it seems to occur and what we as parents, teachers, therapists can do about it in the moment.

Grab your copy of this freebie here!

Wait there is MORE!  Do you like these tips?  How about getting your own copy of this book with 113 pages of various behaviors and sensory tips for FREE?  Enter the giveaway at the bottom of this blog to win your FREE copy of Angie's AWESOME BOOK!!!!

I LOVE this book SO SO SO MUCH and believe it is such a FANTASTIC resource Angie Voss, OTR is kind enough to GIVEAWAY 2 FREE ebook copies for you!

Let's Talk Speech-Language Pathology and I are working together to share this great opportunity with you.  So make sure you ENTER TO WIN below!!!

Winners will be announced next Friday! Good luck!

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Enjoy and happy talking!

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  1. I will use this site to learn more about vestibular input. Also, I was not aware that deep breathing methods can keep a child from fight or flight. We have many students who have this problem. Thank you so much!

  2. I am going to share this site with my building OT and Spec. ed teacher. It seems like a wonderful resource when you've tried a lot of other things.

  3. I loved all of the great ideas to deal with SPD. We've got lots of students that will benefit from these ideas at our school.


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