Monday, May 20, 2013

May's BSHM Link up!

Oh, how Pintearesting! is hosting a blog link up for BSHM!  Want to know what your favorite bloggers are up to this May?  Check out her blog to find all the link ups!  Here's what I'm into this May!!!

Buying:  So anyone else stumped on what to get their hubby for Father's day?  My husband is a wonderful, hands on, very involved dad who unfortunately loves anything electronic/technology based.  As I have no idea about technology I never know what to buy him.  Do you have any ideas?  If so, please, please, PLEASE share your great ideas by commenting below.

Hearting:  In the fall, my son and one of his friends were playing in my car (while I was standing there talking to his friend's mom) and somehow ejected the CD in my car stereo.  Since then it has stopped working. son and husband gave me a new car stereo for Mother's day and now that it is installed I am loving that I can listen to CDs once again!

One more thing I'm Hearting:  I just learned about this awesome 42 page FREE presentation on the Warning Signs of EBD in Toddlers and PK kiddos with LI  by Smart Speech Therapy, LLC.  Go to this link, like her FB page and you will have access to this PPT!  It's AWESOME!  EVERYONE NEEDS IT IN THEIR ARSENAL OF THERAPY GOODIES!!!

Sharing:  If you are coming late to my BSHM party this month, every Tuesday, I am sharing another installment of my 4 part presentation series on the Nonverbal Child.  I explain how I perform the assessment, determine a functional communication system, determine goals and objects, and use treatment to move a child from nonverbal to verbal communication.

Making:  I am in the midst of getting some arts and crafts together for my therapy sessions.  Now that we are moving from spring to summer very shortly, I have to get my summer crafts ready to go.  How about you.  Do you provide therapy over the summer?  If so, what's your favorite arts/crafts activity to do with your clients?  Please share.  I need more ideas!!!

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  1. Thanks for linking up! That is a great Mother's Day gift, but I'm stumped on what to get your husband.

    1. Yeah, buying my husband gifts is excruciating for me EVERY holiday! Now I just ask him to keep a running list of things he might like or want so I always have a resource to go back to. But really? I know nothing about the electronic things he puts on his list. Men! hahahaha! So glad you had the linky and let me know about it!

    2. I just get my husband iTunes cards. Not very personal, but he can get what he likes.

    3. Gift cards are a good idea Laura. I'm still thinking but that is a DEFINITE possibility! Men! Hahahaha!!!!


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