Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Book Review: Learning to Read is a Ball

Kimberly Scanlon, M. A., CCC-SLP, author of My Toddler Talks and owner of Scanlon Speech Therapy does it AGAIN!!!  She authored another great family resource for communication development, Learning to Read is a Ball.

Ok SLPs, am I very excited about sharing this book review with you today!  As you all know I am an SLP who loves to work closely with parents, to educate and effectively train parents on communication facilitation techniques and this book is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!

Learning to Read is a Ball is a one of a kind book! It's not only a fun, engaging, colorful and highly entertaining children's book, but it's also a wonderful resource for parents as it explains EXACTLY what a parent can do to faciliate oral language, phonological awareness and print awareness.

What I love about this book:

1. It's parent friendly!
2. It explains in simple terms what oral language, phonological awareness and print awareness is and several ways (techniques, games, etc.) a parent can facilitate these skills.
3.  It's the perfect "cheat sheet" for parents, educators, developmental interventionists, pediatricians, speech-pathologists, etc. (anyone who serves young children) to refer to when attempting to facilitate these skills with this book as well as other books.
4.  All techniques suggested are backed by research. How much do we love evidence-based practices?!
5.  ALL this great information is in ONE BOOK!
6.  And the BEST part? It's AFFORDABLE (discounted prices for rest of this month...under $11 for the book, under $5 on Kindle, so act fast)!!!

For some time, I have been trying to find a concise way to educate parents within my therapy sessions regarding how to get the most out of book reading with their children.  Now I have this wonderful resource to do this very thing for/with me!

This book could be an amazing resource in your speech arsenal as well.  It could also be a great gift to new parents.  I know what I'm buying for the next book-themed baby shower I plan on attending!

So check out Learning to Read is a Ball (grab it on Amazon here) as well as Kimberly Scanlon's other great gem, My Toddler Talks (this is another great book I use for parent education). I promise you, you won't regret it!

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