Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween Themed Language Activites: Link Up


It's time for another AWESOME Frenzied SLPs link up!  Two weeks ago, I gave you some Halloween-themed ideas for articulation, and today I'll leave you with a few for language activities.

1.  Books, books, and more books:  Of course, one of my very favorite activities for language development is book reading.  It's so great for introducing vocabulary, listening comprehension activities, Wh-question activities for recalling story details, story sequencing and retelling of stories.  So naturally it would be #1 on my list.  But what books to choose?  Well I wrote a whole blog post on my favorite Halloween themed books.  Check out the full post here!

2.  Creepy Crawly Categories:  Working on semantic mapping anyone?  Here is a simple fun way to work on category item sorting/naming with a spider theme just in time for your Halloween fun!  Check out more here!

3.  Social Story: Trick or Treating! I made a simple social story for a few of my students who have social communication deficits and you can grab your copy here!

So these are just a few of my fun ways to use Halloween themed activities to work on language and social communication!  What are yours?

Happy Talking!
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  1. We share a love of books in therapy! Love your list! The bat semantic mapping activity looks wonderful and the social story much needed for many friends! Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for the social story!! I'm printing it ASAP and sending it home with several of my little ones this week!

  3. Thanks for the great ideas and inspiration for this week of Halloween therapy Maria!

  4. Thank you for the social story! I love using books in therapy as well. The language opportunities are limitless!

  5. I love your social story! Thank you!

  6. Thank you for the social story! Categorization is an area I am always addressing with my students--checking out your packet!

  7. We have several of the same books! I have some of your Very Busy Spider materials, and they are wonderful!
    All Y’all Need

  8. Man, you've got some great products. I love the spiders-they look so real too. Happy Halloween.

  9. Those creepy crawly categories look fabulous! Thanks for your ideas!

    Schoolhouse Talk

  10. Oh, how I love to use books in therapy! Thanks for the list!


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