Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back to School Categories Game!

If your child/children are working on vocabulary development, describing objects by their attributes or category identification and organization, this simple game is for you!  In honor of Back to School week, I made this simple category game of home vs. school items.  Here are just a few simple ideas on how you could use this activity.  Or create your own games!  Just remember the most important thing is to HAVE FUN!

Working on vocabulary development?
     Have your children label the objects in pictures and discuss in which environments you would typically find them, then place in correct category.

Working on category identification and organization?
     Have your children talk about objects you see at home vs. in school and objects that you may find in both environments (bathrooms, tables, chairs, etc.).  Then present pictures of this game and have them organize the items in their correct categories.

Working on using adjectives or describing objects by their attributes?
     Divide category items up between children (or child and adult) and have one child describe object they are looking at and other child (or adult) guess the object in picture.  When the object is correctly identified have the child place picture on correct category page.

**Always remember if you are working on voice, fluency, or articulation skills you can use any language activity to facilitate those skills as well!  How could you do this? 
Working on voice?  Monitor and use correct vocal pitch and volume during game. 
Working on fluency?  Identifiy "bump", "hard/sticky" speech when it happens and encourage use of strageties that work for your child to facilitate fluent speech. 
Working on articulation?  Monitor and encourage correct production of target speech sounds during game.**

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