Thursday, August 30, 2012

Giveaway: $25 Chili's Gift Certificate AND Guess What I Am? Game

Communication Station: Speech Thearpy, PLLC BELIEVES in the power of Parents!  We believe that parents can be their child's BEST communicator!  So to encourage family time and great communication I decided to have 2 GIVEAWAYS in 1:

1.  A $25 Chili's Gift Certificate:  We believe that family time around the dinner table is crucial to help children grow and develop a healthy self-esteem as well as GREAT language and social skills!  So what better way to promote family dinner time than a gift certificate to someplace delicious!!!


2.  Guess What I Am! game:  I love, love, love GAMES as a great family time as well as a great language activity!  Check this one out!
Name:  Guess What I am!
Ages: 3+

Front of box

Back of box
 This game has many different pictures of people and animals with the faces cut out!!!  You pick a card (face down) and hold it up to your face.  You can see your opponents pictures but not your own.

I'm lookin' good as an octopus, right?!!!
Few examples of Face Cards

The object: to guess what person or animal is on the face of your card.  Its a great game for asking ?s, thinking about descriptor words (adjectives), categories (ocean animals, farm animals, etc.), and works on problem solving skills, working memory, and so much more!!!!!

Chips and dice on left tracker sheet on right

Chips close up

 Check out the cute chips and picture sheets that help your kiddos keep track of which animal or person they are "not".

Well I hope you like our first of many giveways!  Enter below for a chance to win!  There will be one winner for the Chili's gift card and one winner for the Guess What I Am? game.   Winners will be chosen at random!  Enjoy and good luck!!!

Entries will be accepting unil 12:01am EST on 9/5/12.  Winners will be announced on 9/5/12.


  1. I love to take my little one to library story time!

  2. I love playing games outside with my family... especially in the pool during the summer!

  3. Chili's is my family's favorite restaurant and Guess What I am is an awesome game for language development!

  4. My family and I love going to the beach and now that it's fall, we love going to football games!

  5. I love to go shopping with my mother.

  6. We love finding new parks in our area to try out. Our two year old son is an active one:)

  7. I love to play card games like Skip-Bo and Phase 10 with my family.

    Let's Talk SLP

  8. We're doing our last lake weekend! Cook out and family time!


  9. Right now our family is spending the most time at football. My son plays, my daughter cheers for his team, I coach her cheer team, & my husband hangs in the audience.

  10. We love going to the beach

    I am entering as Elena

    elena150980 at yahoo dot com

  11. I love game night with my friends and family (especially my speech friends!)

  12. I don't have children but I enjoy taking my nieces and nephews hiking, to the park, and playing games.
    We also enjoy sitting around the fire roasting marshmellows and playing 20 questions.

  13. We like playing board games like Monopoly, and Daddy likes playing tball in the yard with the boys ;)


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