Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'm a Nut for Speech Thearpy! Reinforcer Game

This material has been removed.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

Looking for a reinforcer activity for your children for speech practice?  Check out this fun little fall themed reinforcer activity called I'm a Nut for Speech Therapy!

Remember that reinforcer activities can be used for all speech and language goals!  Speak to your SLP or comment below and I'll try to help you find ways to incorporate this into your child's home speech practice.

This PDF version has a leafless Autumn Tree, two pages of fall leaves and a page of acorns (with points on each).  Your child could take turns practicing their speech and langauge materials, then pick a card out a basket...if they get a leaf it goes on the tree, if they get an acorn, its their's.  Or...put acorns behind leaves on trees, when students pick leaves off tree, they get the acorn.  When all the cards/leaves/acorns are chosen, add up all the points, and whomever has the most points wins!

Have any other ideas for these materials?  Comment below!

Happy Talking!!!

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