Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tongue Thrust Part 2: Prevention

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  1. So if my child is already 7 years old what do I do? She seems to have this problem with the tongue. She has a lisp when producing the s and z sounds. She does have a crossbite. Everyone has told me she will grow out of it, but I'm beginning to think not.

    1. Rachel,I apologize for taking a few days to get back to you. It is difficult to give you more specific advice without personally seeing your child but my first suggestion would be to contact a speech language pathologist that does have experience in remediating tongue thrust and lisping that may be secondary to the tongue thrust. I would recommend you call around local SLPs and ask about their expertise. The cross bite is a concern for sure and an SLP may be able to do very little (depending on the severity of the cross bite and other factors) until that is corrected but getting information and a proper consultation will help you determine the appropriate plan of action. Good luck to you!


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