Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Bean Bag Toss!

Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss:  I just played this simple game last week and it was super fun and great for facilitating multiple repetitions of target sounds! 

First, I cut up 10 index cards and numbered them accordingly.

I placed two bean bags on the ground (different color for each child).  If you have more than two kiddos, just label the bean bags somehow (masking tape or stickers maybe?).  Don't have bean bags? You can fill snack ziplock bags up with beans, pasta, or rice and tape shut with packaging tape as a substitute.

I then placed the index cards in a row (in numerical order) from farthest to closest the pumpkin bucket (that I purchased for $1 at the dollar tree).

The child picks a target picture and each time he/she produces word (sound, syllable, sentence, etc. whatever level you are working on) correctly, the child jumps to the next number.  Once the child says the target incorrectly, he/she stops jumping and must throw the bean bag from the number he/she is on.  Therefore, the more times he/she says the target correctly, the closer the child gets to the bucket. 

And of course whoever gets the most bean bags in the bucket by the end of the game...wins!

I love this simple activity because it is motivating to repeat the production correctly up to 10 times.  It adds gross motor skills and fun to therapy, and encourages self-monitoring skills as the child needs to know when he/she said the target correctly.

IF you are working specifically on self-monitoring and discrimination (you may want to change the rules a bit), you can reward the child with a forward jump IF the child can demonstrate awareness of correct and incorrect productions.

And of course this activitiy could really be used for numerous goals (whatever stimulus cards you like to use) as well as any holiday or theme...just change the bucket you are throwing your bean bag in and voila' and activity for the whole year through!

Do you have a fun twist to this activity?  Comment below.

Happy Talking!!!


  1. Cute! I love this idea! Thanks for sharing. :)

    Let's Talk SLP

  2. Love it! When I was in grad school we did a similar bean bag toss game with sight words on cards! I had completely forgotten about it until now!!!

    Ms. Lane

    1. Oh using sight words is another great idea! I didn't even think of that. Thanks for sharing, Lane!


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