Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Fun from $1 Bin PLUS Halloween Game FREEBIE!

I found these fun Halloween erasers for $1 a bag in Target's $ bin section.  They come in packages of 25.  I knew when I first saw them I could use them for some type of therapy activity.  And luckily for me, I remembered I had them when the time came for me to use them. 

This past week, I was seeing a PK kiddo and I thought it could be fun to use these erasers as a reinforcer activity.  So...
I brought my "Haunted House" that I got from the Dollar tree to a  speech session.
I mixed up a bunch of the Halloween erasers to the house, and we (my client and I) shook them up really well!  After several trials of target words he was able to...

...use tongs to lift out as many erasers as he could WITHOUT LOOKING!!!! (That was the fun part!)  I love adding tongs to therapy activities becuase they are a GREAT way to work on fine motor skills as well!

Once the erasers were out, we spent time sorting them and at the end of the session we counted each column and determined which erasers we had the "most", and the "least" (great way to add math concepts to our activity).  I also pointed out that although it LOOKS like we have the MOST skeletons, we actually had more ghosts, showing my little friend that length does not necessarily equal more quantity.  A nice additional lesson in perception to boot!

We had a great time and his laugh during the session was infections and he kept cracking me up! 

Such a simple activity that kept a 4 year old actively participating in continuous practice for 30 minutes!'s an added bonus!  A Halloween Gameboard Freebie!
Check out Trick or Treat Lane below!!!

For the full PDF version, click below!
Trick or Treat Lane Game

Remember you can use these activities above for ANY goals you are working on.

Happy Talking!!!


  1. Do you have to subscribe to Scribd to access your freebies?

    1. Carolee,
      You can find a google docs download (so subscription needed) of the freebie above here on my new website!

      Follow me on my website: to get the most up to date freebies I post every Friday!!! Thanks for the inquiry!


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