Friday, December 7, 2012

A Perfect Processing Christmas: Auditory Memory Recall!

The final Auditory Processing FREEBIE this week is an   Auditory Memory Recall activity which is separated into three specific skills: 1) digit recall, 2) word recall, 3) sentence recall.  Each card has 3 levels of complexity.
  Download your copy at the bottom of this blog. 

Children with auditory processing deficits will sometimes struggle with the ability to hold auditory information in their working memory long enough to demonstrate immediate and then eventually delayed recall.  This activity can be used for either skill.  Also if you are focusing on understanding information and recall with competing sound/noise, do this (or any of the other processing activities) in the school hallway, or some place there there is background noise to teach your student/child to focus on your voice while filtering out extraneous noise. (Tip:  if you are just beginning...keep background noise level low and increase volume of competing noise with practice).

Click below and download your freebie:
Auditory Memory Recall

Enjoy and happy talking!

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