Monday, December 31, 2012

Marshmallow Surprise! A reinforcer game FREEBIE!

 Marshmallow Surprise is just a fun little reinforcement game that can be used for all goals.  Each child/student gets their own cup of "hot cocoa", and after numerous trials focusing on your child's individual goals, he/she chooses a game card to see how many real marshmallows he/she can add to the cup of cocoa.  The child with the most marshmallows at the end of the session...wins! (Of course in reality, everyone wins b/c who doesn't want to eat marshmallows?)

Graphis from: Jessica Weible Illustraions

The second game that goes along with this marshmallow theme is a simple game board called Marshmallow Lane.  Each student gets a game board.  You place the designated number of real marshmallows on the numbered game board spots.  Have your students practice their speech and language targets, roll the dice, and move the numbered spots.  As the pass each spot, they get to eat their treats.  Whomever gets to the hot cocoa and eats their treats first....wins!!!

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Click below to download FREEBIES:

Right before I was ready to post these activities, I found this wonderful new blog called Busy Bee Speech!  One of her great activities is ALSO a FREEBIE with the same premise as Marshmallow Surprise...she calls it Hot Cocoa Speech.  I guess great minds think alike!  Check out her page and activities.  She has some nice freebies as well!

Enjoy and happy talking!


  1. Great minds do think alike!! I love this! I'll be for sure downloading the Marshmallow Lane game to go along with Hot Cocoa Speech! :)

    Busy Bee Speech

    1. Thanks Lauren! I hope your kids like it! I'm actually glad I stumbled across your activity so now others can add it to their arsenals of goodies as well! :)


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