Friday, February 1, 2013

Freebie Friday: Football Frenzy

My first official Freebie Friday is featuring Football Frenzy! A WH ? Activity  from Brea at Let's Talk Speech-Language Pathology!

This freebie was posted around this time last year, but most of us didn't know back then how great the materials are over at Let's Talk Speech-Language Pathology and we missed out.  Well not anymore!

As this Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday, Brea is allowing us all to take advantage of this FREEBIE once again!  And she's made a few changes, so if you have downloaded this in the past, you may want to do so again to get the updated version.  Check out Football Frenzy below!

 Click here to download this freebie!

If you would like one of your freebie's to be featured here on a Freebie Friday, contact me at

Enjoy and happy talking!


  1. Hi. I just want to know if this is still downloadable? Because the link doesn't work anymore:(

    1. This product is no one of my products. It is from another blog called Let's Talk Speech-Language Pathology. If the link doesn't work, it may not be available anymore.


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