Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Taking some time!!!

Hello my committed followers!  You may notice that this week I will not have any new posts.  Why you ask?  Well...my family and I are on vacation at Disney World!!!!

We are so excited and happy to be able to surprise our son with this trip AND visit my husband's family while we are there!

So this means no new posts this week BUT, keep your eyes peeled b/c next week we will be back and maybe I'll share some family fun photos with you!

Have a wonderful week with your family!

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  1. Yay! Enjoy your vacation! I've never been to Disney World, so can't wait to see your photos.

    Schoolhouse Talk!

    1. Thanks Abby! I need to get some photos up b/c it was SO MUCH FUN!!!! I'll be writing post (well it looks like it might end up being a 2 part post) on all the tips and tricks we learned this time around at Disney World over the next few weeks! First I head to ASHA schools conference next week but after that, I should be ready to post my tips blog so come back and check it out!!!! I hope you get to go soon b/c it really is the happiest place on earth!!! :)


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