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Christmas Giveaway at Let's Talk SLP!

Below is an AWESOME Christmas giveaway opportunity!  Brea over at Let's Talk Speech-Language Pathology is hosting a very generous giveaway for ANYONE who may need something for Christmas.  You may be one of the lucky few who do not need to win this giveaway but maybe you know a student, client, cousin, nephew, neice, grandparent, friend, etc. who will be struggling this Christmas season and could benefit from a special gift.  Please please read the terms and rules of her giveaway below and head on over to her blog to enter to win!  Share the Christmas spirit and spread the love!   

Special thanks to Brea for her generous heart and loving kindness!


Christmas Giveaway!

I am starting to get into the Christmas spirit already! I am so excited about this Christmas season that I just can't wait any longer. The Christmas music is playing on the radio, and I have started some Christmas shopping. Yes, I am one of those people who starts getting in the Christmas spirit before Thanksgiving. Don't worry, I still take time to celebrate Thanksgiving and give thanks for what I have. I'm just too excited to wait any longer!

Therefore, I am writing my post today to announce a Christmas giveaway that I have decided to do. I have been going back and forth in my mind about whether I want to do this, and I have decided to just do it. I hope you all will love it.

First things first, and I really want to stress this, the giveaway winner will be chosen randomly. I am using Rafflecopter for this (so it might be a tad confusing), but I think that's the best way to remove bias in a giveaway.

I also want to say, before I get into the nitty gritty of the giveaway, that everyone and anyone is welcome to enter!

The purpose of the giveaway is simply this: I would like to play "Santa" and give one child or one adult a wrapped gift of an item/a few items that he/she truly NEEDS for Christmas. The item(s) that I give will be dependent on what you need! Do you (or your spouse, mother, grandfather, etc.) need socks, underwear, a pair of pants, or a book? Does your child need a new book, a pair of PJs, a blanket, a teddy bear, or a bottle? What is the one or two item(s) that you or your child (or nephew, grandchild, neighbor, etc.) truly needs? Also, FYI, books are a necessity in my opinion. I am more than happy to give a child a new book or two. Books are one of the BEST Christmas gifts you can give your child.

Here are the rules:

1. I really cannot spend more than $25 on the item(s) combined. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of extra money to spend this holiday, and if it's truly a NEED, then it shouldn't be $50+. Please try and limit your item(s) to $25 or less combined (because I will be paying for gift wrap and shipping as well). If you list a variety of items, I may just pick and choose from your list that you provide and purchase a few. I will let you know exactly what I decide to buy in an email (unless you don't want me to and you want to be surprised!).

2. You MUST leave a comment on this blog, send me an email at, or send me a private Facebook message in order to enter the giveaway. In this comment/email/message, you must tell me the item(s) that you or your child needs (you can feel free to provide a link if there is something specific). If you need clothing, please be sure to give me the sizes/age of the child, and whether it's for a boy/girl. Also feel free to tell me what the child likes - cats, pink, yellow, spongebob, etc. if it's clothing. I don't want to buy a girl a pink shirt if she refuses to wear pink. Remember, the more detailed your comment/email/message is the better I can get an item that the child/individual will truly enjoy!

3. I prefer to give an actual gift rather than a gift card. And no, I will not send cash. :) If you absolutely need a gift card, I would prefer it to be to a grocery store or a child's clothing store or something like that. Also keep in mind that I live in Michigan, and I may not have access to a specific store that you have access to in a different state.

4. In order to get this item to you, I will need to have your name and address. If you're not comfortable providing me with this, then it will be extremely difficult for me to get you your gift. If you're the winner, I will contact you by email to obtain your address. I will also need the name of the individual who will be receiving the gift as I want to label the gift with their name.

5. It is my aim to have your gift to you by Christmas. I would LOVE if you could put it under your Christmas tree and had the individual open it on Christmas. It will be labeled from Santa so that your child/family member can truly enjoy it.


Please follow the rules carefully! If I select a winner but see that the person has not made contact with me in some way (comment on this blog, email me, or send me a Facebook message), then I will pick a new winner.

The giveaway will close at 12:01 AM on Wednesday, November 21. Please spread the word! I want to make someone's Christmas special this year, and this is one of the only ways I know how to help. :)

Want to enter?  Please head on over to Let's Talk Speech-Language Pathology to enter to win!  FOLLOW the directions so your entry will be valid!  You can't win unless you enter!  Good luck and Have yourself a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Happy Talking!!!!

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  1. Thank you so much, Maria! I greatly appreciate you spreading the word! :)


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