Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Feed the Pilgrim!

Its Thanksgiving time and my little Pilgrims are HUNGRY!!!! So its the perfect time to play...Feed the Pilgrim!

Do you have an empty tissue box and some fake food?  Then you join in on the fun too! 

Parents, this is a super fun activity for you to do at home while practicing your child's speech homework.

I printed out the above pilgrim template by simply typing in Pilgrim into an internet server and choosing one of the many online images available for personal use.  I stuck it onto the top of the tissue box with poster putty for easy movement!

I usually have my kiddos practice a couple stimulus cards (usually 3-5 depending on the age and attention span) then take a turn using the tongs to pick up some food and "feed the hungry pilgrim".

For foods that are too big for our Pilgrim's mouth, I simply moved the face over and we dropped the food into the tissue box whole. 

It was fun to see how MUCH food we could fit in that little tissue box.  You'd be surprised!

Its a simple fun activity that will keep children engaged and motivated during speech trials.  And great use of tongs for fine motor skills practice!

Did you try this at home or make up your own version?  Let me know in the comments below!

Enjoy and Happy Talking!

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