Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Give Thanks" Turkeys!

Carrie's Speech Corner offered this super cute turkey template for articulation practice as well as a BLANK template to use any way you want to.  I have a client with whom I am focusing on tongue thrust remediation (click here for assessment, prevention, and remediation information) and I saw the blank template and thought it was a perfect way to create a reinforcement activity while we practiced her oral motor exercises. 

We created a "Give Thanks" Turkey!  Yep you guessed it...we hid the feathers around the therapy area and when my client needed to rest her facial musculature between exercies, we would find one of the feathers and write something thing we were thankful for.  (I added the nerf gun as a fun way to "find" our turkey feathers, just because I had it in my therapy bag...but it's not a must have.)

Tip:  I laminated the turkey and feathers and used dry erase markers so they could be recycled and used multiple times.  Don't have a lamainator?  No big deal get some contact paper and voila' a reuseable therapy activity for ANY speech and language goal. 

Also:  Adding the writting piece to therapy lends itself to working on some phonological awareness and encoding skills which are grea for the younger elementary school kiddos as well. 

Check out the cute "Give Thanks" Turkeys we made. 

Want your own template?  Then, head on over to Carrie's Speech Corner.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving and Happy Talking!!!

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  1. Cute idea! Glad you liked the download & found a great way to adapt it!

    PS, Thanks for the link-up!


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